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About Us!

 Hey! We are Maegan and Manda, born and raised in the greatest state, Texas! We moved to the Hill Country in 2008 and never plan on leaving. Weddings are our passion! We opened Sister Events in 2015 and plan/coordinate 60+ weddings/events a year. We offer a lot of experience and a fresh look with each event. We customize each wedding package to fit your wants and needs for your big day!

Maegan is our business woman. She is driven and passionate about the business side of planning. Manda is the creative side of planning and can take your Pinterest dream board and make it into a reality. Not only do we work well with each other, but our brides end up being some of our best girlfriends by wedding day!

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They say it takes an army to run a smooth event and we agree! We coordinate weddings all over the Texas Hill Country and truly love the team we have built to run all our events. No matter the "sister" you get, we promise you are in good hands. 

Sister Events Team

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